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Friday, October 28, 2011

Men: 7 Female Types to Avoid

1. The Religious Fanatic
This relationship will never work not unless you are equally as fanatical as she is. If you have no interest in religion or just aren’t on her level… it ain’t gon’ work boo.

2. The Marriage/Baby-Obsessed
You will get yourself trapped up in something that you may not really want and we all know once kids are involved things get really complicated.

3. The Gold Digger
This needs no explanation.

4. The Angry Scorned Woman
You won’t get away with ish and just might wind up 6 feet deep messing around with an ASW. Notice I didn’t say Angry Black Woman. We all know there are women of all races who carry serious emotional driven temperamental baggage. If you don’t believe me watch a few episodes of Snapped.

5. The Pretty Girl With Problems
Looks aren’t everything and many chicks front like they are wife material but they come with serious issues.

6. The Stalker
Don’t wind up like Martin in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. There are some crazy bishes out there! Another situation where you can wind up on the fast track to meet your maker…

7. The Party Girl
Who wants a chick that is in the club every weekend? These chicks put fun before everything. Don’t try to tell her about it either… especially if you met her in the club.

*Disclaimer: This is for the fellas out there looking to meet Mrs. Right. Any of the above will work fine if you’re looking for adventure, drama, and Ms. Right Now. Just be careful what you get with. None of the above is wife material.

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