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Friday, December 17, 2010

Mommy Worries...

I am a concerned mom and I constantly worry about the well being of my children. I ignored the signs with Justin that there was something different about him. I was in denial even after a teacher brought it to my attention that he may have ADHD. I was always reading and studying about health issues but I reluctantly read about the condition but I didn't act. I listened to people say he'll grow out it, I even had my parenting criticized and labeled the cause of his behavior. That lasted for years but I eventually saw that his social interactions were not improving so I sought help. It's challenging and tough at times.

Naturally when I noticed that Sarah wasn't saying much I began to worry. I had a tough pregnancy and was constantly being monitored. I guess that was to be expected with my history. Sarah is very smart. She always was but she just wasn't talking. She's 2 now and she's more vocal. We put her in speech therapy earlier this year. She has progressed well but her therapist is still concerned. When Sarah was 18 months old she was evaluated. Her results showed that intellectually she was on the same level as a 3 year old. So why wasn't my baby talking. I worried it was autism. I just didn't know what to think but I was glad I didn't wait to seek help.

Yesterday her therapists suggested she be evaluated for Apraxia. I had read on the condition a few months earlier so I was familiar with it. Can it be that this is what is affecting Sarah? I want answers. I've been referred to a specialist. Hopefully it's not something that she can't overcome. She really is making progress. I just want my kids to have a life with less worries and more enjoyment. Time to research natural herbs and medicine for answers as well.

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