Reconnecting with goddess the goddess within as I live, learn, and love. Life presents many tests and trials we can’t let them bring us down. We have to take it as a learning experience and build our inner strengths in times of adversity. Writing helps me to connect. My posts come from my heart. I do it to clear my mind. In the process if it helps someone else who may be facing similar issues I am even more grateful. I guess in a way it allows me to live up to my birth name, Monique – advisor.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Betrayal Hurts

Written June 1, 2007

Living each day not knowing the thoughts passing through your mind leaves an empty feeling inside.
Each glance you give me seems like there is something missing, something hidden that my eyes can’t see but my soul overstands.
Intuition sends a message of some kind, a premonition that appears in my dreams trying to signal that everything is not what it seems.
Trying not to dwell on events from the past but they haunt me every hour of every waking day.
There is no way that everything is okay or working out for the better.
Letters were written entailing disappointments and hesitation that this merger is worth saving.
Untruths spoken and guilt imposed on me that I was unaware of.
Thoughts crept into my mind saying that his heart is not all mine.
When our world is upside down there is no sunshine.
Patience reached an end and trust met its fate, sentenced to death by way of a breaking heart
in the midst my quest for finding myself makes me feel that I should walk away.
I never asked for this treatment, but maybe I deserve it.
Possibly facing the consequence of something done in a past life the one where I was a terrible wife or even in this life.
Separation is sounding pretty sweet because I need someone to be down for me completely not half heartedly.

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