Reconnecting with goddess the goddess within as I live, learn, and love. Life presents many tests and trials we can’t let them bring us down. We have to take it as a learning experience and build our inner strengths in times of adversity. Writing helps me to connect. My posts come from my heart. I do it to clear my mind. In the process if it helps someone else who may be facing similar issues I am even more grateful. I guess in a way it allows me to live up to my birth name, Monique – advisor.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Umi Says...

I am choosing to shine my light on the world.

We all know that no one is perfect and we should all be striving to improve ourselves. As I was walking today I started to think about the true meaning of becoming a goddess. We are spiritual beings. It's a personal journey. Though I have not subscribed to only one spiritual path, I do believe that my journey to goddess-dom happens within. I can look at myself and see where improvements need to be made. I am not pretending to have it all together. I know that my focus needs to be within. Isn't that where we connect with The Source? Isn't that where we hear the voice of reason? Your pastor or spiritual leader can guide you but the real journey is within.

"For you and me, life is not promised..."

I don't know what's beyond the sky. I don't know what's beyond death. I use to be afraid of death but why should I fear something that comes for us all. Even the son of God couldn't escape death. Death is a part of the balance. However, I don't believe that our spirits die. This existence is temporary in our given shell which houses our spirit. This is why I am doing whatever I can to get my shell healthy so I can connect more freely to the higher me, the goddess in me. I won't give up because as Monique I only get one shot. I have a beautiful family. I have two little ones that don't deserve a broken mother, they deserve a real mother. One who lives life to the fullest. They deserve stability. I am responsible for them and though they don't belong to me, the love I have for them pushes me to do more.

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